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Biggin Hill Shed

The Men in Sheds Biggin Hill group started in September 2016 following lots of enthusiastic discussions between different local individuals and groups from AgeUK Bromley & Greenwich, ably supported by Bromley Council and Biggin Hill Residents Association. We started meeting in The Spitfire Youth Centre on Mondays. Yes there is some irony in that a group of older men are meeting in a youth centre!

We now have so many regular attendees that we have expanded to a second day and are now meeting on Tuesdays too. To help us get moving we also received a donation of some workshop machinery from Biggin Hill Airport for which we are very grateful.

wood laser age uk bromley greenwichThanks to the very kind generosity of Piercy & Company, Office Architects of the Year 2018, we have just taken delivery of a new (very large) toy. It's hiding in the cupboard in the workshop. A wood cutting laser! Men In Sheds is entering the Space Age. We're looking forward to many interesting things being made!

Pillar Drill Biggin Hill Shed AgeUK Bromley greenwich
Another new toy took up residence in The Shed, kindly donated by the Penge Shed.
Peter and Alan worked long and hard on it and have restored it to almost pristine, out-of-the-box condition. It's very heavy and took three of us to lift it on to the bench.

Biggin Hill ageUK Bromley Greenwich men In Sheds

We recently celebrated our 1st Birthday completing our first full year of Men In Sheds at Biggin Hill. This is what the shed looked like when it was a gym. Thanks to everyone who has helped us get there.

The Biggin Hill shed were asked to build a replica Anderson shelter for the Big ‘O’ Vintage Festival in Orpington. The result was excellent and flat packed for transporting from our Shed at Biggin Hill to the festival.

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5 thoughts on “Biggin Hill Shed”

  1. Hi, please advise whether or not I can just turn up to one of your meetings in The Spitfire Club? If so, please let me know the times of the sessions both on Mondays and Tuesdays.

    Many thanks, C. Jonas

    • Hello
      You are more than welcome to turn up to any of our Sheds. In order to use them, all we ask is that you register your details, after which we will take you through the machinery, etc. and then it’s over to you! The Biggin Hill Shed opens at about 10am and closes by 4pm. If you email Colin Denny, the Shed Co-ordinator he will be happy to meet you and do all the introductions. His email is

      If you have any further questions, then feel free to get back in touch.
      Kind regards
      David Roberts
      Project Manager

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