AgeUK Bromley & Greenwich Men In Sheds

Since December 2015 AgeUK Bromley & Greenwich Men in Sheds has received funding from the Royal British Legion that has enabled the inclusion of our local Nepalese Gurkha veterans, their wives, widows and families into our Project.

The "Okey Cokey Club", housed at the YMCA at Woolwich Dockyard – also home to the Woolwich Shed, was formed in March 2016 as it was identified that members of the Nepalese community needed somewhere to socialise during the day. Several lived in multi-occupancy rental properties and spent many hours isolated from the local community, many of them relatively new arrivals to the UK and spoke little English. The "Okey Cokey Club" offers these ex-servicemen and their families opportunities to mix and make new friends, while at the same time learning or practising English in a supportive, fun environment.

At the "Okey Cokey Club" the project delivers and facilitates varied educational and recreational activities; formal and informal English lessons, IT and cooking classes, arts and crafts, music and social events. In addition to the Gurkhas, their dependants form a significant percentage of the Club membership. Several of the men also enjoy playing pool at the Woolwich YMCA or travel, often daily, to The Eltham Shed to play snooker.

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Below is a photo of a group of Gurkhas and wives at Nellie's Flower Club in South Bermondsey.

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