AgeUK Bromley & Greenwich Men In Sheds

Woolwich Shed Friends include:

  • Woolwich Dockyard YMCA
    makes the Shed possible!
  • Woolwich Clockhouse Community Centre
  • Big Red Bus Club, Charlton
  • Charlton Community Gardens
  • East Greenwich Pleasaunce
  • Ballast Quay Community Garden
  • Big Red Bus Club, Charlton
  • Charlton Community Gardens, Charlton Station
  • Clockhouse Community Centre, Woolwich Dockyard
  • Dare To Dream Community Garden, Woolwich Dockyard
  • Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust, Woolwich
  • Central Greenwich Children’s Centre
  • Robert Owen Early Years Centre
  • Mycenae House, Blackheath
  • Made In Greenwich
  • Peckham Men In Sheds
  • More2Childcare Nursery, Greenwich
  • Ballast Quay Community Garden, Greenwich
  • Do You Vintage? Vintage & Craft Fair
  • Atlas & Derrick Garden, Charlton
  • National Maritime Museum
  • Also for all sheds The NCIS Challenge